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Mrs. Wright's Class Rules and Procedures


Mathematics is a difficult subject.  One topic builds on another.  Daily participation is a MUST.  Do not get behind in your course work.  Attendance is mandatory.  The school  has accepted rules and procedures for dealing with absences.

Grades and Homework

Grades are determined by chapter tests, mid-term and final exams, surprise quizzes, group work, computer labs,  projects, and a portfolio. Please read the "Criteria for Grading" posted for work requirements. You will be required to create a portfolio of selections of work from this class. Homework is not graded. Homework is the place for you to learn from your mistakes. If a quiz or test is missed because of an excused absence, it is your responsibility to be prepared to take the test on the day of your return to class.  If the test or quiz is not made up at that time you will receive a failing grade for that test or quiz. If you have excused absences for longer than one class period, it is your responsibility to make up all work by a date decided by the instructor not to exceed the number of excused class days.  


Classroom materials

You should bring  your calculator, a pencil and pen, and your notebook to class EVERY DAY unless told otherwise.  For a complete list of supplies,  please check my web page at  under your subject area.

Classroom Management
While I am speaking to the class, I expect you to be listening and not speaking.  While I am not addressing the class, you are free to move around when necessary (sharpen pencils, etc.).  When working in your groups I expect you to behave according to the norms of cooperative behavior.  You are not to leave the classroom without permission and /or without a pass.  Only ONE student will be allowed to leave the classroom at any one time.  All school rules will be honored

No gum, food, or drinks - 1 point off of final average for each offense. Failure to put the items away immediately after being penalized shall be considered another offense.

No Headwear - Failure to remove headwear will result in referral to administrator.

No Swearing - Failure to refrain from swearing will result in referral to administrator.

Respect - Treat all people at Central High School with respect and consideration. If any behavior is disrespectful or interferes with the classroom instruction the student will receive a verbal warning. (Note: This does NOT mean one warning a day!) If behavior continues, referral to administrator.

Extra Help

I am available for help from 2:35 to 3:05 on Mondays in Room B204.

Contacting Me
Please fill out the form on the “Contact Me” page of my web site,, e-mail me at, or call the main office at Central High School, 203-576-7377.

Please sign your name below indicating that you have read and understood the rules of the class. Return this signed form to me at the beginning of next class.

     Signature of Student                         

     Signature of Parent/Guardian