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Use a Piloting Worksheet and a Piloting Practice Chart for all your calculations and course plots.  Write out your 60D = ST calculations.

You have been traveling at a speed of 12 kts for 45 minutes.  How much distance have your traveled?
You depart your dock at 0900 and intend to cruise for 9 miles to join some friends.  If your speed is 10 kts, what is your ETA (estimated time of arrival) at your friends' position?
You want to cruise 25 miles to a harbor at a speed of 18 kts.  It is a clear, calm day.  To arrive in the harbor by noon, what is the latest time you should depart?
At 0900 you depart Bell “GP”, off Great Point and head toward Can “1”, off Sunken Ledge.  With a speed of 5 kts, what is your ETA to the can?  Plot and label your course on a Piloting Practice Chart.
Arriving at Can “1”, you turn immediately and head for Lighted Buoy “6”. Your speed is 8 kts for this leg.  What is your ETA to Lighted Buoy “6”? Plot and label your course.
After fishing for 20 minutes at Lighted Buoy “6”, friends call you on the radio and indicate their position is 42 degrees, 01.9 minutes and 71 degrees, 55.3 minutes.  Their boat is sinking and they expect to stay afloat for another 10 minutes.  There is no other boat around and the top speed of your boat is 15 kts.  Can you reach your friends before their boat sinks?  What advice would you radio them?  Plot and label your course to their position.
By 1100, you have successfully rescued your friends and are under way back to your yacht club.  One of your friends is hypothermic so you call the harbormaster at Stone Harbor to arrange for an ambulance to meet you at Stone Harbor Yacht Club dock.  Estimating that you can make 10 kts in the heavy chop that has just blown up, what ETA to the yacht club dock would you give the harbormaster?  Plot and label your course.