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Page 83 Assignment

At this point in your project you should have 2 tables of data (Sunshade and Sopchoppy Shoe Store).  This data should be graphed as a scatter plot and a trend line drawn.  Each set of data should have a hand-drawn graph and/or a computer-generated graph.

Let's use another tongue twister as an example:

     “A cricket critic cricked his neck at a critical cricket match.”

The data collected represents a function and therefore can be expressed as a function rule….t(n) = 4.3n … this function t represents time in seconds and n represents the number of people.

Let's analyze this function rule…answer the following questions.  Include a paragraph explaining your answer.

  Find t(5).  Explain what it represents.
  What does 5(0) = 0 mean?
  Suppose the output is 34.4 seconds.  How can you find the     input?  What does the input represent?
Make a table of values for this function and graph it.  Explain step by step how to create a data table and graph the data.


Graphs ( X5):     
1 - Graphs are created but are inaccurate or incomplete.
     2 - Graphs are created with few errors.
     3 - Graphs are accurately and neatly created.

     1 - Minimal understanding of the topic
     2 - Minor errors - little explanation
      3 - Minor errors - fully explained
     4 - No errors - fully explained