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ALGEBRA I - PERIODS 4, 5, 6, & 7


Mini-Project - graphing on a coordinate plane
Explain how to draw a trend line (step by step procedure) and include the Scatter plot and trend line for Height/Arm Length data (include Practice 2-1 Mixed Exercises)
What does the phrase mean?  A line graph tells a story about two quantities.  Include Practice 2-2 Mixed Exercises
Define scale.  How can the interval that you choose for each axis affect the appearance of your graph?  Include Practice 2-3 Mixed Examples
Define function, range, and domain.  Include Practice 2-4 Mixed Exercises.
List the 3 views of a function.  Include Practice 2-5 & 2-6 Mixed Exercises.
What are the 3 families of functions that we studied?  What characteristics do the x variables have?  What do their graphs look like?  Include Practice 2-7 Example Exercises OR Practice 2-7 Mixed Exercises.


Tongue Twister Scatter Plot Project


     Include your corrected test for additional points.

Your Portfolio is due:  ___________________________________